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What you need to know about the Plantenvinder plant finder

Using the Plantenvinder you can search through a vast number of plants. The Plantenvinder offers a variety of search options, so finding the right plant has never been so easy. For example, you can search on the English or Latin name of plant, or make a selection of plants that match certain characteristics, such as a specific flower colour or flowering period. In total, you can search on more than 100 characteristics, so you can always find the plant that meets your exact needs.
Once you have found the right plant, you will not only see one or more photos, you can also read the comprehensive information about the plant's characteristics. For example, under which conditions the plant grows, when it should be pruned and whether the plant thrives best in the shade or full sun. If known, an indication is given as to whether you can purchase the plant via a webshop, or at a retail address in your area.

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